Topsham Quay Antiques Centre was built in 1947 as a Rank Flour storage building. As a just-post-war structure it was reinforced to be bomb proof but happily this facility was never tested. Rank never properly used the building and in the 1950s it was acquired by Tuborg Lager as a storage unit.  Boats brought everything up the Exe estuary and docked alongside the building.

There was at one time a railway from the quay to Topsham station and the main street was two way.  This changed in the 1970s when the rail sideline became a road – Holmans Way. The one way system in the Topsham’s main street followed in the 1980s.

Tuborg (Carlsberg) abandoned the building in the 1980s and it lay empty until 1992 when a group of Topsham business people took over the building and it was reborn as an antiques centre, and thus it remains to the present.

Topsham Quay Antiques Centre has been featured several times on television antique programmes.